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U.A.I.M, was founded by Ustad Allarakha, 30 years ago ,in 1986. The philosophy behind this was to impart knowledge of Tabla especially of Punjab Gharana to talented young learners of Tabla. The institute has been situated at Mahatma Gandhi swimming pool Shivaji Park since its Inception Ustad Allarakha decided, his later years of life for the benefit of his Students by teaching at the institute The institute feels proud of introducing many Tabla players to the world of music After the death of Ustad Allarakha on 3rd February 2000 the institute has since then been headed by Fazal Qureshi son of Ustad Allarakha Fazal Qureshi has since then been taking forward the teachings and philosophy of Ustad Allarakha and dedicating his time teaching at the institute U.A.I.M follows the philosophy of Guru Shishya Parampara while teaching student The students are imparted knowledge on one to one bases with Guru Fazal Qureshi in traditional Guru Shishya Parampara



Ustad AllaRakha fondly known as abbaji was born in Phagwal a small village in Jammu on 29th April 1919 Since childhood he has been fascinated by Tabla he left his house at tender age for Lahore,where Punjab Gharana Centered. His aim was to find his Guru(MIAN KADER BUX) and study Tabla from him. he performed in front of his Guru and impressed him so much that MIANJI(KADER BUX) wanted to know whom he had learnt from. Like an example of 'Eklavya' he answered "I have studied from you" the surprised Guru said that he has never met him to which he replied that he always took him for his Guru Thus began his studies in Guru Shishya style training with his Guru He also learnt vocal music from Patiala Gharana. Ustad AllaRakha came to Mumbai in 1936 As an employee of All India Radio he was employed as an Tabla player as well as vocalist his urge for creativity and versatility ventured him into Bollywood as a music director in the 50s he gave music to around 25 films His Innovative style of playing Tabla and his affiliation for various rythm cycles and rhythmic patterns set him apart from his peers he would tackle odd rhythms with such ease that it prompted Carnatik musicians to ask him to perform with them It was the first in those days where the contact between north and south Indian music was rare his performance in USA and Europe with Pandit Ravi Shankar made him an international name . together with Pandit Ravi Shankar he collaborated with many Western classical musicians His album "ALA-RICH",with drummer Buddy Rich,is still popular in the west. His son Ustd Zakhir Hussain,carried his teaching,and knowledge,forward with his Unique and innovative style. He is a name to recognise with in the field of music,all over the world. His other son, Fazal Qureshi is on his tradition of imparting knowledge to the students,in a guru shishya parampara,at the institute for tabla Founded by Ustad Allarakha called USTAD ALLARAKHA INSTITUTE OF MUSIC Ustad Allarakha Passed away at the age of 81 ,on 3rd feb 2000. At his peak age he performed with all great indian classical musicians,vocalist and dancers





THE REGISTRATION FEE OF 500*RS(at the time of registration)


THAT IS FROM :- 7:00 pm UPTO 9:30 pm


"FAZAL QURESHI Born in the family of Tablaplayers, Fazal Qureshi, is the son of late Ustad Allarakha, and brother of Ustad Zakir Hussain.Growing-up in the house, reverberating with music and sound of tabla, Abbaji, Ustad Allarakha, notice Fazal playing tabla with his senior students, without being initiated in it. Ustad Allarakha, who never forced any of his sons to play Tabla, then decided to formally teach him. He formally made him his student, by tying a thread around his hand in a ceremony called 'GANDHA BANDHAN'. It is a traditional, been followed for centuries, to accept someone as a student. After going through a tough training period, under a watchful eye of his father, Fazal was given 'Permission' by his Guru to perform. He got opportunities to perform with many great musicians, and at prestigious 'Sammelans' all over India and abroad. He was regularly performing with Musicians, such as Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma, Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Sitara Deviji, Pt Brij Bhushan Kabra, Ud Sultan Khan etc His acute sense of rhythm and understanding of Carnatic music, gave him a chance to perform with 'Vidhwans' from South, such as U Stinivas, T N Krishnan, MS Gopalakrishnan, Dr Bala Murli Krishna, Mridangist Shivaramanji, Ghatam Vidhwan T.H. Vinayakramji etc. His experiments with other styles of music, such as Jazz, gave another dimension to his Tabla playing. His swedish based group 'MYNTA', has been performing widely all over the world at various Jazz and World Music Festivals. earlier, in his career, he felt humbled and accepted as a Tabla player, when he got the opportunity to perform with his father( Ud Allarakha), and brother Ud Zakir Hussian. they perform as a trio for many year, all over. He got opportunity to compose music for films and Albums, making him a complete musician. Today, he has been performing for 35yrs, and is in charge of the Institute( Ustad Allarakha Institute of Music), started by his father. He feels very humbled to be chosen by his brother and now 'Khalifa', of Punjab Gharana, Ud Zakir Hussain, as a Teacher of the Institute, to carry on the work of their father, Ud Allarakha.">